HIMELE Supporters - 2022

HIMELE appreciates its supporters (including Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase tip jar contributors) who are acknowledged here.

Bronze Supporter

Steve Atwood
Susan Bransfield
Randee Chin
Ken Embers
Virgiinia Hayes
Kiyoshi Lion Kobayashi
Jason Louie
Lynn Matusow
Ted Meister
Mark Mendes
Chuck Moore
Rhonda Murotake
Mike Schway
Stephanie Sundius
Vickie Van Fechtmann
Daniel & Angie Villani
William & Molly Wood

Silver Supporter - $100+

Alan & Michiko Akaka
Daniel K. Akaka, Jr. & Anna Akaka
Nancy Beggin
Barbara Bones
Michael Bonnice
Daryl Brooke
Ron Claybourne
Mark Gaponoff
Nobuo Imamura
Barbara Jacobson
Karen Mah-Hing
James Newberry
Daniel Tremblay
Gail Nakamura
Greg and Sandy Sardinha
Henry Sapoznik
David Soreff
Gale Warshawsky

Gold Supporter - $500+

Deborah Campbell
Young Choi
Janice Morikawa
Network For Good (Various Facebook Fundraising Campaigns)
Edward Punua
Noriko Tomita

Platinum Supporter - $1,000+

Kathryn Au
Addison & Sharon Ching
Greenspan Foundation
Adam Kost
Daniel Tremblay
Geronimo "Geri" Valdriz

Program Supporter

HIMELE appreciates the cash-equivalent support of its programs from the following:

Roger Fletcher

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